Training Packages
For anyone in the Denver area looking for an innovative in home one on one fitness lifestyle. I would love to help all ages and abilities. Whether you are looking for weight loss, training for a specific athletic event, or just want to enhance your health, I can teach you all the tools to get you there.

My approach is to make exercising part of your daily routine in a fun relaxing manner. As an Olympic athlete, in the Sport of Nordic Combined skiing, I have trained extensively for the endurance of cross country ski racing while developing explosive quick twitch muscles for ski jumping. Therefore, training polar opposite sports has armed me with many different training and fitness methods. These exercises will help the top athletes become even better and mature anyone's level of health and fitness.

Starter 8 week program

Intermediate 12 week plan

Small group package (2 to 6 people)

Junior package (18 and under)

Advanced Sports Specific package:

  • for training for either an endurance sport or specific event marathon, cross country skiing, mountain biking, cycling, OR
  • to gain explosive power for a specific quick twitch sport (tennis, soccer, football, basketball...)