About Carl Van Loan

Carl Van Loan grew up in Webster New Hampshire where he attended Proctor Academy.  In that time Carl became Junior National Champion in Cross Country skiing as well as Junior National Champion in Nordic Combined skiing.

At the age of 17, Carl graduated high school and moved to Steamboat Springs Colorado where he became a member of the United States Nordic Combined Ski Team.

For the next 8 years Carl competed on 4 United States World Championship teams, 2  United States Olympic teams and have had 12  cross country ski victories in World Cup B Nordic Combined.  Throughout those 8 years he lived, trained and competed with Billy Demong, the current World and Olympic Champion and Johnny Spillane, the 2003 World Champion and triple Olympic silver medallist.

Now, Carl is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nordic ski coach in Denver, Colorado.  He is taking his vast knowledge of training and competing at the highest level and transferring that into, not only day to day well being, but also helping people achieve their ultimate fitness goals, whatever that may be.